Where to find Jeff on the World Wide Web


Social media is bigger than ever these days. It can be entertaining at its best, and overly time consuming at its worst. Below is a list of the social media sites that I use, and where you can follow me on each.

1. YouTube: Follow and subscribe to my channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCElOMjhk5pRXj-zVERma79g

YouTube is the best video site on the Internet. The amount of quality content on YouTube is unmatched. Anytime I can’t figure out a computer application, I check YouTube and almost immediately find a video of a 12 year old easily explaining what had me stumped.

2. Zillow: View my profile at: http://www.zillow.com/profile/SeaProps/

Zillow is a great tool for both home owners and real estate professionals. Not only is it a good place to get an idea of what a home is worth, it’s also a great place to compare real estate agents. The bigger Zillow gets, the more I see it becoming a one stop shop for all things real estate. Their ceo, Spencer Rascoff, has impressed me more than any other major tech CEO. Rascoff does a great job being accessible to both his employees and the public via social media. To me, that shows he’s open to new ideas and is willing to listen to suggestions, an important trait of a good manager.

3. Instagram: Follow me @Seaprops : http://www.instagram.com/SeaProps

In my opinion, Instagram is one of the best places on the Internet to find good (& bad) photography. The ability to search by location or by hashtag is very useful for many things including finding a great neighborhood to live in. With the recent additions of video and snapchat like ‘stories’, I believe Instagram will continue to grow and become more popular with users of all ages.

4. Twitter: Follow me @SeaProps : http://www.twitter.com/SeaProps

I would argue that Twitter is the best news (& news conversation) social network. Almost every respectable news reporter has a Twitter account, and (breaking) news is often first reported on Twitter. What makes Twitter unique is its ‘open microphone in a crowded room’ like atmosphere. Whether a reporter is breaking news, or a comedian is tweeting out a good one liner, Twitter entertains. It’s also a great place to be a spectator of a conversation/argument. Just today, Mark Cuban and Carl Icahn were tweet replying back and forth with each other. Since tweets are limited to 140 characters, it encourages more quick/light thoughts and ideas that wouldn’t normally be shared on other networks. Lastly, Twitter is useful as a real time search engine. For example, if the power goes out unexpectedly, googling: ‘Seattle power outage’ will produce old, non-useful results. That same search on Twitter will most likely lead you to what caused the outage, and how quickly it will be repaired.

5. LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jeff-carlson-92259233

LinkedIn is the social network that I use the least. I generally only login to accept connection requests or to occasionally look up someone’s work experience. It reminds me of Facebook but with less pictures of babies and pets. That being said, a business version of Facebook is useful for a multitude of reasons, which is why I continue using LinkedIn.

There are a couple of social networks that are noticeably absent from this list. Snapchat is a network that I never saw much value in. From what I saw of it in the short time that I used it, it is primarily a network of people broadcasting selfies and having fun with camera filters. What I did like about snapchat is the 24 hour viewing windows for each post. At the end of the day, I took the least away from snapchat in terms of learning/seeing something new or different.

Lastly, there is Facebook. Facebook is the oldest and most established of the social networks discussed above. When I first joined Facebook, it was for users with a college (.edu) email account only. Therefore, my grandparents and distant 3rd cousins weren’t ‘friends’ from day one. Once everyone’s mom was able to join, Facebook changed to a more family oriented platform in my opinion. I think at least one of the networks I use should be oriented towards family and close friends, so Facebook fills that role for me. That being said, I am happy to add new friends, but my posts on Facebook will be more limited than other networks.

If you use other social media sites that you think are useful, shoot me an email and tell me about them!