I Blog Now.

image‘Guess what? Ahoy! I blog, I’m a blogger! I blog. Isn’t this a breakthrough? I mean, that I’m a blogger? I blog. I blog now. Out on the Internet, on a computer, into the wind and the sky and everything. Ahoy!!!’

Reference Video: https://youtu.be/YrbY4hsNh64

I once read that any mention of Bill Murray makes a story (blog post) at least 50% better… I didn’t actually read that but I bet it’s true. With that, I introduce my new blog. I plan to post meaningful, thought provoking, comical content at least twice per month going forward. A typical post will be about topics that I am passionate about, with Real Estate being at the top of that list. Other passions of mine include the city of Seattle, the Seattle sports scene, Traveling, Music, Photography, Film, and Comedy. I hope that this blog gives readers a unique perspective of what being a Real Estate Broker and a Seattleite is like. I encourage questions or suggested posts anytime, so feel free to comment or send me an email! Hopefully my blogging goes better than Bob Wiley’s (Bill Murray) sailing. Ahoy!